Structured light 3D scanning services since 2005

Bolton Works uses state of the art 3D scanning technology and dedicated reverse engineering software, in order to build 3D models. We bring your product into the world of 3D Computer Aided Design. The examples you see on this website of our  reverse engineering service are all defect free models, most are Solidworks assemblies.

Proven Accuracy

  • Efficiency – our experience with a wide variety of projects allows us to work efficiently on any project.
  • Flexibility – We offer both contact and non-contact measurement techniques for the inspection of complex geometries. with guaranteed delivery times.

Correlation – For parts with tight tolerances, it is part of our standard operation procedure, to correlate key features with a CMM.

Your part can't come to us? We will come to you.

Bolton Works prides itself on taking on the most complex projects, which often times means to go on-site with our equipment. 

More than 160 projects have been successfully completed at customer sites since 2005.